Monday, February 14, 2011

Lotsa Money designs

What I have of research so far is currency from several different countries.
It seems odd to me that the faces are off center, (as opposed to US currency where the face is always in the perfect center.
There's a fish on this bill, must be important.

 The Euros always seem to focus on famous landmarks.  Very anti-person money as to not focus too much on just one nation's presidents.  Good for money for many lands.

I'll be FRANC, that's a nice hat, very cultural 

Rupees!  Or is it rubies, anywho there's a tractor.  Agriculture is important.

 Hey it's Ghandi, I think...
 Yen, with mustached politcal guy and very traditional birds on the back.  Traditional culture is important.

ONE MILLION FRANCS!!!  Oh wait, a mille is only 1000.  Old building and an old guy.
 Mexican money.  Strange mixture of ancient and more current rulers on the money, interesting colors.
 This pic has a mix.  Ooh, there's a rhino on that one!

 Spain, there's a vertical bill, that's the first one I've noticed.

 Scottish money.  So what's 100 pounds and REALLY RED?  This!!  A lot of neat seals on it.
 British pounds.  Hm... do they change all the money when they get a new queen?


  1. lots of research you're doing there

  2. I laughed silently looking at your post of each bill! I honesty can't wait to see what YOU come up with. Has anyone figured out why most bills have this circle of blank space?

  3. What are your ideas for this project? I like the observations you've made about the money, but would like to see what your ideas are!

  4. Good. I would also like to see where this research is taking you? So, I look forward to more posts about where you are going with this.

    They do change the currency when there is a new Queen/King...But Queen Elizabeth has been around for 60 years.

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