Monday, February 28, 2011

Fun little video

Final Currency Designs

I put themes on the backs of the bills in English and Russian ( to the best I can get).  In the printed versions  the word TIDE is hard to read but anywho.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Currency update

I've gone a bit more cultural specific than I originally planned, but I'm still going faceless with my money plans.  This currency is for the L.U.N.A.R (Lunar United Nation of America and Russia) who have created an independent Moon nation. 
The Russian is (for what I can tell) is an equivalent word for tide meaning "inflow".  "Inflow" and "outflow" where the title of the Russian equivalent page of tides on Wikipedia.  I know there's probably a better word or a cognate, but for this project I think it should work.

The circles in the middle are phases and the more light shining on them, the more they are worth.
I haven't changed the serial number on the 5 Tide bill yet, I just noticed that now.

Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm Going Lunar with my Money

I've decided to go with a Moon theme for my currency project.  The value can be measured in "tides" and the bills can represent phases of the moon (new, crescent, half, gibbous, full, and blue for something special.)  This 'Moon'ey would be the currency for Lunar inhabitants colonizing on the moon.  Since the Moon is a culturally neutral place and the colonies should represent a society of equal standings the money (like that of the Euro) will show more of the natural features and historical high points of the Moon rather than slapping a race, culture, and gender specific face on the currency.

Lighting practice

I didn't go too out there with these pictures.
Although unrealistic (I think), I do like making the clouds pop-out like in this picture.

 Added some extra orange and blue along with a little shading
 This was the first one, it was pretty vibrant to start with, but I made the flowers purple and added some extra vibrance in the shading.
 Made the water blue instead of green, added some orange to the rocks, this one (at least the way I had it) was difficult to find places for tints.

Lotsa Money designs

What I have of research so far is currency from several different countries.
It seems odd to me that the faces are off center, (as opposed to US currency where the face is always in the perfect center.
There's a fish on this bill, must be important.

 The Euros always seem to focus on famous landmarks.  Very anti-person money as to not focus too much on just one nation's presidents.  Good for money for many lands.

I'll be FRANC, that's a nice hat, very cultural 

Rupees!  Or is it rubies, anywho there's a tractor.  Agriculture is important.

 Hey it's Ghandi, I think...
 Yen, with mustached politcal guy and very traditional birds on the back.  Traditional culture is important.

ONE MILLION FRANCS!!!  Oh wait, a mille is only 1000.  Old building and an old guy.
 Mexican money.  Strange mixture of ancient and more current rulers on the money, interesting colors.
 This pic has a mix.  Ooh, there's a rhino on that one!

 Spain, there's a vertical bill, that's the first one I've noticed.

 Scottish money.  So what's 100 pounds and REALLY RED?  This!!  A lot of neat seals on it.
 British pounds.  Hm... do they change all the money when they get a new queen?